Project: "Das Universum des Jan Švankmajer – publicity of the exhibition"
Company:Sägenvier DesignKommunikation
Designer(s): Stefan Amann, Austria
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: The Kunstraum Dornbirn presents the work of the artist Jan Švankmajer in the exhibition »Das Universum des Jan Švankmajer«. Short movies, 3d-objects and collages are dealing with the topic of evolutionary development and heading for a “nonsystematic“ anatomy or surrealistic phantasy. For the publicity of the exhibition we designed a graphical appearance that reflects the surrealistic world of Jan Švankmajers artwork. The motive, the view frame and the color scheme create a utopian idea that reflects Švankmajers universe. Furthermore, the eye-catching design generates attention and irritates by its directness.

About the Designer/Company
Sägenvier, in the town of Dornbirn/Austria, is an agency for design communication run by Sigi Ramoser. »We are professional communication designers with Heart and Mind, positioned somewhere between the small graphic design office and a full-service agency. Sigi Ramoser’s team includes currently eight fellow employees: The graphic designers Martin Platzgummer, Stefan Amann, Lena Seeberger, Barbara Raich, Tina Rhomberg, Denise Kopf, Sophia Ellensohn as a traniee as well as Jasmine Messerle on the administration side. »We see ourselves as a contractor for communication design, and as a result are engaged in all disciplines in that field.« Sagenvier's client portfolio is broadly diversified and extends from industrial concerns, SMEs of all kinds, publishers, local authorities, cultural establishments, social institutions, through to schools and public transport. »Of course we have our favourites, especially when the solutions are developed together with the client and when that collaboration continues over an extended period of time.« One can therefore expect that Sägenvier don’t care a lot of competition presentations. »They are like blind dates in a disco – you know little about the other person, it’s loud and there are bright lights all around.« A lot more appealing for Sägenvier is a task that is as comprehensive as possible, where all diciplines of design communications come into play. The guding principle of Sägenvier »Demanding, but good!« is applied in all their projects. Or as Sigi Ramoser desribes his work and that of Sägenvier: »We don’t take on any old job just to earn money. Apart from the seriousness and profoundness of our work, we want to receive a certain lightness and joy on what we are doing.«