Project: "InMovement Treadmill Desk"
Company:Cesaroni Design Associates, Inc.
Designer(s): "Gary Hirschel," "Justin Mayer," of InMovement "William Cesaroni," "Morad Ghassemian," "Brian Lee," of Cesaroni Design , United States
Category: Office Equipment, Professional
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Entry Description: The industrial design challenge was to create a product that aesthetically and functionally integrated the fitness industry and the furniture industry. The objective of the product is to combat the sitting disease that is plaguing America. The InMovement TreadMill Desk offers an adjustable, ergonomic experience in the form of an electronically height-adjustable desktop paired with a patented FlexDeck® shock absorption system, which reduces impact to joints by nearly 30% when compared to ordinary treadmills. Designed for the workplace, the InMovement TreadMill Desk is equipped with a silent motor, speeds that are optimal for walking while working, and is ideal for community or individual use. A built-in connectivity keeps all of a user’s devices network-connected and powered up with ethernet, USB, and AC outlets. The InMovement Treadmill Desk allows office workers to maintain productivity while adding activity and mobility to the average work day.

About the Designer/Company
From product conception to market introduction Cesaroni Design offers the best in industrial design, product research, graphic user interface design, ergonomic analysis, model building, prototyping and branding. Cesaroni Design is a consistent leader in Industrial Design as a result of our firm commitment to progressive product design. Our product designers are continually introduced to new manufacturing processes and challenged to develop innovative product solutions for our clients. We are dedicated to being a knowledgeable design resource with an in-depth understanding of successful product design and development. Our product designers are proficient in the following software: SolidWorks, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe PhotoWorks, Abode Illustrator and CorelDraw.