Project: "Royal Vort-X"
Company:Cesaroni Design Associates, Inc.
Designer(s): “Craig Stevenson,” “Aric Dichraf,” of HyCite “William Cesaroni,” “Morad Ghassemian,” “Jared Fritts,” of Cesaroni Design , United States
Category: Home Interior Products, Professional
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Entry Description: The Royal Vort-X is a high-powered premium blender that was designed to be part of the Innove product family. A chrome-plated, die-cast zinc base houses a powerful motor and a beautifully curved, intuitive, capacitive-touch control panel. Gliding your finger across the arc of light in the center of the panel allows for effortless control of the motor speed, and the responsive cap-touch buttons allow for precise control of pulses. Inside the glass (or higher capacity, optional plastic) carafe, subtle vertical ribs guide particles back into the center of the vortex for even, consistent blending. Silicone gaskets around the edges of the lid and removable knob provide a leak-free experience. A robust, ergonomic handle provides complete control while pouring from the carafe. Every aspect of the Royal Vort-X has been designed and scrutinized in order to provide the best possible blending experience.

About the Designer/Company
From product conception to market introduction Cesaroni Design offers the best in industrial design, product research, graphic user interface design, ergonomic analysis, model building, prototyping and branding. Cesaroni Design is a consistent leader in Industrial Design as a result of our firm commitment to progressive product design. Our product designers are continually introduced to new manufacturing processes and challenged to develop innovative product solutions for our clients. We are dedicated to being a knowledgeable design resource with an in-depth understanding of successful product design and development. Our product designers are proficient in the following software: SolidWorks, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe PhotoWorks, Abode Illustrator and CorelDraw.