Project: "HYPE Los Angeles: Helping Young People Excel"
Company:Woodbury University
Designer(s): Trevor McHugh Graphic Design Department Woodbury University, United States
Category: Print, Student
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Entry Description: This project was centered on creating a branding and corporate identity strategy for HYPE Los Angeles, a non- profit organization that provides talented low-income students in Los Angeles with the guidance and resources to qualify for admission at elite college-prep independent high schools. Students worked directly with the client. The HYPE Team, the fi≠nancial donors that support the program, and the community partners involved all help to create exciting new opportunities for the students in their program by opening new doors that allow the student to turn a page in their educational career. The identity presented expresses this idea through itís use of the symbol of a book with three turning pages, which represent the aforementioned drivers of HYPE. These pages are placed behind an exclamation point, which represents the HYPE students and the excitement they have for the opportunities that HYPE has given to them.

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