Project: "Smart Water Dispenser"
Designer(s): School:National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Students:Jialiang Lin, Cheng-Chuan Chang, Mu-Min Shen , China
Category: Home Interior Products, Student
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Entry Description: People often prefer to use 100 ? water to make beverages. Actually it is not scientific, since the best temperature of water for each beverage is quite different , e.g., for green tea it is 75 ?, while 90 ? for coffee, etc. If beverages are all made by 100 ? water, not only the taste of beverages will be affected, but the nutrients will also be destroyed. For this reason, this Smart Water Dispenser is designed. The best temperature and the exact volume of water required can be set easily, helping the process of making beverages become easier and more scientifically. Even more noteworthy is that the best temperature and the exact volume of water required for making the beverage can be set automatically, by scanning the package of all kinds of beverages,.So it is really smart and suitable for home, especially for the office.

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