The International Design Awards, in collaboration with the European Product Design Awards, recently issued a call for entries to the Covid-19 Design Innovation Grant, as a way to find and support those who were working to provide innovative solutions to tackle some of the most pressing problems and needs during the Coronavirus Pandemic. The response was overwhelming, with hundreds of creative designs submitted from all over the world.

Our thanks appreciation go out to all of those who used their time and skill and passion to help meet the needs of their community and the world during this truly challenging time.

Below are the Top 10 picks in the category of Architecture and Interior Design, which challenged designers to present a simple, practical, innovative solution for an in-home isolation pod that would allow those with COVID-19 symptoms and others to safely co-habit without transmitting the virus.

The Winner of the $5,000 Grant is Sarah Goldblatt - Safe Shed. Congratulations!

Top 10 Architecture/Interior Design Entries:

Sarah Goldblatt


Design Team: Sarah Goldblatt, AIA; Cate Humby, Associate AIA; Dr. Scott Meskin, MD

In the frightening moments when someone in your home begins to exhibit symptoms of viral infection, the race ... Read more

Mohamed El Arabi


Back to normal life through social awareness and successful quarantine for those with COVID-19 symptoms. The slogan of the Inflatable Bubble is simply playing that role to recognize this message.
The ... Read more



Hexa Pod can be placed wherever needed. The modular unit is customizable, designed for those with COVID-19 symptoms working as live / work isolation pod providing safe and comfort environment.

Later, ... Read more

Faldo Andreo Honggowidjojo


A challenge to give a surviving shelter for people that affected by post pandemic economic situation at the worst possible condition that covers daily basis for large scale support. 2.4 ... Read more

Project website
Neevriti Studio


A Home can vary from place to place or person to person. Some homes can be small, some can be big, some are located in closed localities and some are ... Read more

Darya Semenova


How much does it cost to build the house?

2 builders
2 days

How much does it cost to keep your loved ones healthy?

Pricelessly ... Read more

Chih-Kang Hsu


Concept description

COID, or CO-habitat Independent Diving-Bell, a play on words on the name of novel Coronavirus COVID-19, while the removal of V (virus) from the name signifies the essence of ... Read more

Nistor Mircea Dragos


The main idea of the door filter is to be able to ?seal off? an entire room or area of the house from the rest. This has numerous advantages, starting ... Read more

Daniel Caven


In wake of COVID-19, isolating safely has become a top priority but often falls at the hands of removing yourself entirely from social interaction and communicating with the outside world. ... Read more

Hao Wu


In early times, a handwritten letter was viewed as emotional bonding, holding and connecting people?s sentiments. It shows the most sincere emotions of a writer, because it takes time to ... Read more