An industry-recognised award serves as an independent endorsement of your company’s quality. Winning the International Design Award is a great competitive advantage for a company and, more importantly, it's an evaluation that potential customers are more likely to trust than any marketing material you can produce. We know that social proof is one of the most influential factors in a consumer’s decision making.

Consumer and Professional (third party) reviews are nearly 12 times more trusted than descriptions, and winning the International Design Awards is like the ultimate review or testimonial.

Here are a few ideas how you can maximize your win and make it work to the benefit of your design and/or brand.


Prepare a public relations plan


  • Issue a Press Release and send it to your local media and/or communication agency. IDA publishes the official winner press release on the IDA website and this is a good template to start with.
  • Add “Award-Winning” to all company/product descriptions. Once you win an award, from that day on you have the right to call yourselvs an “award-winning” company or designer. Make sure people know that your work has been distinguished in this way.

Make your win a centrepiece of your marketing plan


  • Print your Certificate and Winner Badge and display them at your office/company
  • Share the Certificate and Winner Badge with your online community by adding them on your website and direct marketing.
  • Add the Winner Badge on brochures, printed media, packaging, or anything else that carries your company/brand/deisgn logo. This is a fantastic marketing differentiation opportunity.
  • Add your Winner Badge to your email signature with a simple statement that says “winner of the (year) (award name). Your email signature is seen daily by scores of people who may not know about your award.
  • Make sure you own at least one copy of the IDA Annual Book, in which your winning design will be featured amongst other amazingly talented designers, and make sure it’s visibly displayed in your office or reception.

Utilize your social media platforms


  • Share your award-winning project on your social media. Make sure you have a well-written post that highlights your acheivement and which can potentially be shared by your clients, partners, colleagues and friends. Don’t forget to tag our social media profiles and use the #IDA when spreading the news – we will be happy to share your post as well!
    • Facebook: International Design Awards
    • Instagram: idesignawards
  • Consider an advertisement. It’s common for companies to take out an advertisement after they’ve won an award to call attention to their achievement and even to congratulate fellow winners.
Plié Dance Academy

Add it to your distribution package


  • Add the Winner Badge to your design page and/or Product display. This is a way to highlight your win to your retailers/agents, and they in turn will display this signage to the public which will drive interest.

Make it personal


  • Celebrate the acheivement with everyone on your team—it’s a fantastic boost to morale. And have your sales & marketing team communicate the win to all their contacts/clients as well.
  • Highlight the award on your career page and/or company LinkedIn account

Network & Join the party


  • Join the Winners’ Event. As an award winner, you will be invited to the bi-annual winners event that will be hosted in Los Angeles. Attending this get-together of designers, jury, and press is a great opportunity to share your work, meet other designers and build your network. It is also another great experience to share through your social media and website and will bring event more attention to your award.


Gain worldwide exposure: Enter one of the most respected Design Awards. Architects and interior designers, product designers, graphic designers and fashion designers are invited to submit their work for the IDA design competition.


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