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Lead Designers
Prize(s)Silver in Interior Design / Office
Entry Description

annex D

It was paradise found.

We occupy a small annex of a large derelict polytechnic compound in the central business district in Singapore.

The 2000-sqft linear block houses 2 practices ? Architecture and Landscape which underlined our belief in the interdependency of the 2 disciplines.

Test Bed
It also became the perfect excuse for us to experiment at our own cost. From developing vertical garden planting system to design using reclaimed materials. Apart from old furnishings that we salvaged from the previous office, anything new to be created became an opportunity for us to be inventive.

Patina of Age
We are infatuated with the collection and re-adaptation of aged materials. It could be our temple for the reminder of forgotten structures and ideals.

Besides having a private garden against a backdrop of green, we created a little 3mx3m pool to chill out. An oasis in the middle of the CBD.


1- At the entrance, what used to be a mild steel window grille is embedded in the rendered screed flooring, taking up its new purpose as a floor mat. The entrance foyer also houses our library. The concealed door on the right, cladded in the nostalgic 10x10 white wall tiles leads to the partner?s office. The only suggestion of the entrance is the centrally-placed cast-iron door knob. The nautical-looking light fixture lit up only when the room is occupied, signaling the boss?s presence.

2- In the living hall, the hand drawn peacock saunters towards the garden. Rows of casement glass door connect both indoor and garden spaces, especially during parties. Reclaimed timber floorboards from old shophouses are used while most of the furniture pieces here are either restored or picked up in our travels.

3- Bathroom solution arises from the scarcity of space. Central giant round concrete washbasin serve the 2 cubicles and the outside. Tap activated mechanically by foot in any of the 3 spaces.

4- The curtain-track chandelier over the worktop island is the centerpiece of the chamber. The individual light bulbs can be drawn to cluster over the area where more luminance is needed, following the use pattern of the worktop.

5- In the partners? private chamber, the lounge opens out to a Jacuzzi pool enclosed by hedges. The wall mural on plasterboard was part of the remnant of the old office that we managed to salvage.