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Lead Designers
Prize(s)Silver in Sustainable Living/environmental Preservation / Recycling Equipment
Entry Description


Reusable water toilet

The name is inspired in the rain Aztec god: Tlaloc. This concept aesthetically integrates two of the three main elements of a bathroom, resulting in a better usage of the water required for the operation. Ariel Rojo Design Studio turned around the use of an existent paradigm placing the washbasin on top of the water tank and facing it against the toilet sit. With this innovation the water used for washing your hands is the same that will be used when pulling the toilet?s level, saving up to 83% of the water used for the regular operation.
The design and degree of inclination of Tlalock also allows architects and designers to rethink the way bathrooms are currently layout, as all the hydraulic installations can arrive only from the floor. The constant pain about cleaning behind the toilet is gone, as the whole area around it has easy access. Tlalock patent is proceeding and looking for a producer to accept the challenge.


Ariel Rojo Design Studio is a design firm specialized in the development of concepts and products in Mexico City. Founded in 2006 by Ariel Rojo, the firm had established a well known reputation. Passion for design and availability for working with multidisciplinary teams, have been the key that opened the doors to participate in a wide variety of projects. Improving the quality of life is the main goal of the firm and they achieve it by combining a mixture of cultures that enhances universal values through art, design and the creation of
new business. So far Ariel Rojo Design Studio has successfully participated designing: product, packing, architecture, stage scene, brand and electronics.