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Eco System Flooring

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Entry Description

The product is a re-usable display floor system. It is only 20mm thick, but has the facility to run power/av cables underneath. It is made from recycled polypropylene - once the floor starts to look past its best, we take back the floor, grind it down and supply a new floor for 25% less than the regular purchase price. The floor consists of a 100mm modules which push fit together, and has a live hinge as part of the moulding - this allows the floor to roll up and go in a transport case (easy to lay, easy to transport and easy to store) By removing one of these tiles you can position your power/av/IT exactly where you need it - simply replace the tile at the end of your event and you are ready for the next show. It is kept in 1m wide rolls of no more than 4m length and weighs in at 5kg per metre. The surface of the tile has raised textured circles to take the wear and tear of footfall, whilst the larger visible area is high gloss, to ensure the floor looks good for longer. The floor comes with its own integrated ramp. Finally, it has a UK Class 1 fire-rating for use in any venue. The floor can also be used for temporary office environments, residential offices and anywhere there are cables to be hidden.


I am an exhibition designer with 20 years experience in the industry. I am based near London and work mainly in the UK and occasionally in Europe. My clients also ask me to design and project manage roadshows, product launches, showroom etc. The reason I designed and manufactured the floor system is because I couldn't find anything that fitted the specification and felt that other designers/project managers in our industry would be interested in using it. Being ecologically minded I decided to make it our of recycled materials.

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