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David Rockwell for Maya Romano

Lead Designers
Entry Description

From a seemingly infinite pool of creativity and a collaborative exploration of theater set design, painting techniques and natural materials, three outstanding concepts have emerged as the first David Rockwell for Maya Romanoff Collection. The meeting of minds and inspiration is embodied in these exceptional new wall coverings, slated to debut in September, 2007:

Inspired by Weathered Walls, one of Maya Romanoff?s first and most successful products, Stitched highlights the beauty of craftsmanship and the traditional art of paper-making. Hand-dyed paper that resembles fine lacquered leather forms the beautiful backdrop for rows of stitching, resulting in a stunning covering that?s rich in dimension, both visual and textural. Stitched will debut at the Rockwell-designed Nobu Los Angeles restaurant in summer 2007. It will be offered in 30? x 9? rolls, in ten different colors and three patterns of stitching.

Double Take
This truly innovative wall covering conspires to fool the eye, appearing to magically change colors when viewed from different angles. Double Take is made from a custom-made vinyl material with corrugated flutes that have a rough texture on one side and a smooth texture on the other. This difference in texture allows the pigment wash to be caught only on the rough side, creating the intriguing color effect. Heightening the covering?s allure will be embossed patterns of feathers, circles and geometrics, along with coordinates. Double Take will be available in Type II Vinyl in 54? x 30 yard rolls in five colors.

Luxurious to the touch and the eye, Blanket is an intriguing, wool-blend covering inspired by the warmth and comfort of a favorite wool blanket. Layers of fine wool are stitched with contrasting thread, creating a striped effect that enhances the highly-tactile appeal of the covering. The soft, 36? wide rolls are available in a variety of grey and brown heathers, wrapping not only the room, but its inhabitants, in a soothing embrace. Available in four colors.