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Trivalent Brand Identity

Lead Designers
Prize(s)Bronze in Print / Logos, Trademarks and Symbols
Entry Description

A tax advisory company from Austria briefed me to design a brand identity that breaks the stereotype of a boring company, which is prevalent in the industry. Trivalent is a tax advisory company with a modern approach, and the goal was to somehow relay this from the very first moment potential clients meet the brand. So I was basically tasked to develop an identity that breaks every expectation of a tax advisory company, by avoiding corporate colors, corporate typography and adopting a modern approach.

Besides the obvious association with the name, I used a triangle as the basis for the brand identity for multiple reasons — Basic geometric shapes are often associated with hi-tech and modern; The facets of the triangles create a sense of high value, a diamond-like property; Triangles are very versatile, they can be used as patterns or illustration building blocks.