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Five Senses Museum

Lead DesignersArezou Zaredar
Prize(s)Emerging Architectural Design of the Year
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Entry Description

Five Senses Museum contains five main galleries. The Form of the Museum shows Four swirling waves that each wave ‎represents one of the five senses (in order from the main access: Smell, Haptic, Taste and Audition) and shows the relation ‎among them that join together at the vision sense gallery which has common feature with all of them.‎
This Form swirls around the center like a waterspout and at the end of the circulation that the color of the waves become ‎more pure, releases!‎
Visitors test the consciousness of their senses, turn and finally reach to the first point but with more experience.‎
As in a waterspout that the drops don`t represent the waterspout lonely, but the kind of "move" shows it, also in this form ‎each of these waves can`t show the "reality" but to contact with each other they can represent the reality.‎
The reality is more than you experience!‎