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CompanyPajama Ltd
Lead DesignersKeshen Teo
ClientKeshen Teo
Prize(s)Bronze in Print / Stationery
Entry Description

Following an international pitch JetBrains chose Pajama
to help transform them from an invisible company with
great products to an identifiable brand with products
loved by users and CTOs. The challenge was to retain
a sense of individuality and relatedness for products
and product groups while keying everything to a
company level brand system that would help existing
users and customers understand that their valued
tools are from a source with a broader offer, as well as
helping new ones to navigate a growing product

Pajama created a new brand identity for JetBrains, also
redesigning and developing a new JetBrains website to
show the relation of company brand and products. The
JetBrains website is over 95% of its visibility as a
business. Other applications are splash screens for
products, banners and screens for events like trade
fairs and coding boot camps. These include animated
versions of the mark.