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Angola 40 anos - Expressões em prata

Lead Designers
Prize(s)Bronze in Print / Catalogs
Entry Description

The image intends to honor the Angolan culture and its historical journey, within the commemorative context of its 40 years. The phrase "Silver Expressions" functions as a space for imagination reflecting the symbolic ability of silver to reflect ideas and contexts. The colors and materials chosen symbolize the importance and celebration of this historical moment:
- "Wenge" wood symbolizes the country, the land and people, by their density and resistance;
- silver-mirror symbolizes an era, a culture; A country that is reflected in the expression of its artists and their inhabitants.
- the color yellow, the color of the sun, energy.
- The color sand warms the mirrored reflections and makes the connection to the earth.
The global image created transports contemporaneity and explores dialogues, both symbolic and material, incorporating visions and concepts of identity, expresses and projects future ideas of the country and the Angolan culture.