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CompanyLimelight Atelier
Lead DesignersMelvyn Law
Prize(s)Gold in Architecture Categories / Architectural Lighting
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Entry Description

Ascent, is situated at a junctional entry in Singapore. The formative lighting intent was to attract with legibility, and retain users after dusk.
The Facade Lighting was inspired by a “ribbon of light” spandrel lighting that wraps around the lower retail block and embraces the central courtyard, staging it’s aesthetics as part of functional lighting.
It is also an attempt to demonstrate that quality illumination and energy savings can be achieved with by, rethinking and reacting to the fundamentals of light, usage of materials and techniques in exceeding the structural, strict energy policies and authorities requirement to the desired outcome.

The surrounding landscape lighting are designed to be subtle yet enticing, encouraging interaction and spill over usages at dusk, allowing users to enjoy a tranquil breakaway moment from the hectic business environment.
The main lobby was designed in juxtaposed of variety of white lights for accentuation, comfort and intimacy.