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Lead DesignersTse Yat Chi
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / New Residential Building
Entry Description

The project “Synthesis” ingeniously re-imagines high-rise residential construction in Hong Kong by environmental, economic and social parameters.

It investigates the possibility of a hybrid housing of Public and Private. It is a “Revolt” against Capitalism, bringing back “Architecture” from capitalist tool to its very fundamental configurations: dwellings of light and air. Challenging the quantitative and qualitative characters of Hong Kong’s common housing typologies and vertical climatology for the year 2050.

This project is a clear demonstration of how people could synthesize architecture and how architecture could perform synthesis itself regarding structure and space. It is a social housing infill on top of an existing community Robinson Garden Apartments. The existing community consists of 4 separate mid-rise buildings, and the building starts to synthesize with the social housing infill vertically...