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City Sand Tower

Lead DesignersManal Rachdi
Prize(s)Silver in Architecture Categories / Conceptual
Entry Description

In this flat expanse, it is difficult to understand the tower at the first glance.

At this distance, it seems to be a rock.

Approaching, the landscape widens and the climate softens through the shadows projected on the ground. It seems huge, but a reassuring immensity is welcoming.

Going up, one discovers the variety of the vertical city program: housing, shops, offices, one hotel, a panoramic restaurant, a meteorological observatory, a museum, and a swimming pool.

Exterior facades are covered with a sun-shading system that protects the inner city and resonates with the surrounding sandy landscape. Integrated sensors use the natural resources to produce the necessary energy for the building. The project forms a landmark in the desert creating a new ecosystem.
It is not a standard tower, it is a vertical city that is fully autonomous, self-sufficient with an inner vertical ecosystem that makes it even more independent.