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Four of A Kind: Playing Cards, Reimagined

CompanyGoods & Services Branding
Lead DesignersCarey George, Sue McCluskey
Design TeamDesign: Nic Bradford, Taylor Toth Production: Derek Moxon, Content: Sue McCluskey, Mike Barber, Erinn Steringa, Project Management: Sam Croll
ClientGoods & Services Branding
CreditsPrinting: Flash Reproductions
Prize(s)Bronze in Print / Self-Promotion
Entry Description

For this project, we wanted to reimagine what playing cards could look like if they were designed for specific games. We selected four different games-Solitaire, Poker, Hearts and Crazy Eights-and created custom decks for each. The aim was to highlight the roles that each card plays in its game, without removing the cards' functionality for any other game. The result was a set of four unique decks, complete with a custom typeface, "Flush," for the numbers and rules for each game. The packaging employs vintage metal closures to reinforce the overall heritage look and feel for the package.