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Wanda Velodrome

CompanyWanda Cultural Tourism Planning & Research Institute and Ccdi
Lead DesignersChu Tengfei, William Hailiang Chen, Chen Aoyan
Design TeamSchematic Design By Wanda Cti and Ccdi, Concept By Wanda Cti and Gdad
Project LocationChina
ClientWanda Group
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / Conceptual
Entry Description

Commissioned by Wanda Group, the Velodrome together with a football stadium and a basketball arena are part of masterplan as a regional sports facilities centre. It has been integrated into a high density of residential area at a mountain terrain topography site. It consists of a 250m long x 7m wide wooden cycle track to fulfil the requirement of UCI competitions, with capacity of 3,000 permanent seats 3,000 temporary seats. It has a multi-purpose playground in the field of play centre area which provides other types of sports or concerts to serve the local communities during non-game mode.