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Lead DesignersWestern Washington University Industrial Design, Class of 2018
Design TeamL. Collander, L. Gardner, J. Han, J. Hein, M. Hoogestraat, E. Huynh, K. Kimura, N. Lanphear, A. Lee, J. Pehrson, S. Weaver, K. White
Project LocationBellingham, Washington - United States
Prize(s)Gold in Architecture Categories / Mobile homes, Gold in Architecture Categories / New Residential Building
Entry Description

Cube^3 is a modular housing system that uses a modern aesthetic and innovative mechanical solutions to provide a �living experience� and addresses the needs of a variety of residents from single adults to small families, including small retail spaces. The goal is to create a sustainable, integrated, mixed-use development that includes affordable housing, mid-range units, and small rented retail spaces. The modular approach provides the opportunity to �grow� or �down-size� housing by adding or subtracting units or amenities as a resident�s income, resources, or needs change.