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The ChargeDock, Magnetic Phone Charger

CompanyVertex Product Development Inc.
Lead DesignersAvi Cohen
Design TeamAvi Cohen
Project LocationNew York
Prize(s)Silver in Transportation / Vehicle accessories
Entry Description

The ChargeDock is a magnetic docking solution for Smartphones.
The stylish ChargeDock holder is a dock design which was commissioned by from Vertex product Development Inc. The holding mechanism is simply a set of powerful magnets embedded in the dock which will grab onto a metal plate inserted into the phone case. The charging cable plug is being integrated into the dock and securely holds the phone on the bottom end. This minimalist design of a small overall visual footprint allows the camera on the phones to be unobstructed and minimize blind-spots for the driver.


My name is Avi Cohen and I am an industrial designer and the owner of Vertex Product Development Inc. Vertex is a consulting firm for design, engineering and product development.
Since 1998 we have been providing industrial design and engineering services to clients, and have a long list of products which have been successfully developed and are in the market today.

Other Awards and Prizes

EC&M Product of the Year 2014 Category Winner
2013 Bronze IDA International Design Award Winner
EC&M Product of the Year 2012 Competition
CES Innovations 2012 Design and Engineering Award Honoree
EC&M Product of the Year 2010 Category Winner
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