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Xupin Main Meeting Hall

CompanyXupin Space Design Limited Company
Lead DesignersGuoxing Jiang
Design TeamLI Haiyang, Wang Qing, Shan Fubin, Zhong Jianmin, Sun Xiaoya, Ran Qiao
Project LocationKUNSHAN,CHINA
CreditsPhoto by Wuhui
Prize(s)Gold in Other Interior Designs / Other Interior designs
Entry Description

Project area : 1000 ㎡
Main material: black floor tile, old board, black metal mesh ,etc
I want to create an unique meeting space, which is full of Chinese traditional cultural. I hope that every people can feel the sense of nature and culture.
Chinese elements were incorporated into the space of the meeting hall , which is distinguished but gentle. It is a quiet Jiangnan ink painting when there is no one here. However when people are crowding around here, it is a dynamic theater, performing  different stories .