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CompanyFacet Studio
Lead DesignersYoshihito Kashiwagi
Design TeamOlivia Shih, Eugene Wu
Project LocationSydney, Australia
CreditsPhoto by: Eugene Wu & Owen Zhu
Prize(s)Gold in Illumination / Special Purpose Lighting
Entry Description

Seeing light in darkness warrants sense of relax and intimacy; sight of couple sheltering from the rain under umbrella always brings smile to onlooker’s face. We felt the commonality between light and umbrella in providing sense of instinctive comfort, prompting our development of Higasa to create instant coziness and social comfort by warmth of light and sense of enclosure. Utilising traditional Japanese paper umbrella craftsmanship, Higasa can be up to 3m diameter creating a special space underneath. Using umbrella’s open/close character, it saves cost in transportation and installation.