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anarchitecture theatre

Lead Designersastrit nixha
Design Teamartan hoxha, teuta kanxheri
Project Locationpristina, kosova
Clientbaton haxhiu
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / Renovation
Entry Description

|…I believe that life is perfect, because of its imperfections... building should reflect life in its imperfections to present perfect architecture…|
Having visited Theatre, one cannot help but start to think about and question the meaning of the word ‘Theatre’ a building or outdoor area in which plays and performances are given.
The level of detail is mesmerising, and these details synergistically form a whole that continuously performs and entertains prior to the ‘’real’’ theatrical performance. 
The material palette is all organic. Woods, bushes, ropes, bricks, are all sourced locally.


Astrit NIXHA graduated at faculty of Architecture, University of Pristina, Kosova. With over 25 years of architectural and managerial experience he runs anarch office he found in 2004.

His original experimental architecture, especially in adaptive reuse, presents cutting edge of 21st century design principles of reduce, recycle and reuse. Besides tectonic logics in his works, the way of combination between materials, textures and light shows another field of interest that is experiencing architecture.

He has been awarded with several International project awards.

Other Awards and Prizes

IDA 2016, Honorable Mention
S.ARCH-2016 - Special Mention