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Brick House

CompanyJunsekino Architect and Design Co.,ltd
Lead DesignersJun Sekino
Project LocationNgamwongwan, Bangkok
ClientMr. Piti Savaswong
CreditsPhotographs by Spaceshift Studio
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / Other Architectural Designs
Entry Description

The purpose of the architect is to design an antique piece of architecture as soon as it’s completed. With the use of brick as a main material, this building reflect the humbleness without any ornamentation. Only the faithful cooperation between the architect and the artisans is obliged. In addition, the house is designed to be well ventilated and utilized the natural light for illuminating the space within in order to respond the tropical condition of Bangkok. This humble architecture, thus, is able to adapt itself to the antiquated community with its disparity but no incongruity.