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High-speed Railway Station Area Urban Design

Lead DesignersJun Zha
Design Team Yuansheng Huang, Wanwan Shao, Jiamin Xin
Project LocationJiangsu Yancheng, China
ClientYancheng Urban Planning Bureau
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / Urban Design
Entry Description

The main feature of this case is that a first-class river runs across the site, and each side of the river has an ecological corridor which is 300 meters wide, which divides the site to two parts.The high speed railway station is located in the city geometry center,and is the junction of the living area and the industrial area. So it has superior basic conditions for the development of the high speed railway.The area has many factors of retaining the status quo. One of the highlights of the project is how to handle the relationship between urban regeneration and new construction.