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Equestic Saddleclip

CompanyBrightbird Design Center B.V.
Lead DesignersBart Kip
Design TeamBrightbird: Tim Mulder, Matthijs Looze, Jorge Arbelo, Fluctus: Gertjan Drent, Jarno von Piekartz, Arne Nolles
Project LocationThe Netherlands
Prize(s)Gold in Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Sports/Toys/Games
Entry Description

The Equestic Saddleclip is a brand-new concept in the world of equestrian sports.
The compact clip, attached to the saddle of the horse, monitors all moments of the horse very accurately. It monitors personal training programs, the data can be used tot improve individual training routines. Real time results can be watched on the cellphone while riding to adjust the training accordingly. The data can be shared with the team, for optimal performance and maximum horse welfare.
Project elements: brand identity, logo&graphic design, concept development, product design and packaging design.