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FATOPIA: The Celebration of Flesh

Lead DesignersDoyeon Yoni Yu
CreditsPhoto by: Yuti Chang
Prize(s)Gold in Accessory / Eyewear
Entry Description

Welcome to FATOPIA - The Celebration of Flesh. I am bringing body positivity and body inclusivity into fashion. 2.1 billion people in this world, 30% of world population, are overweight. In US, 67% are beyond size 16, however, our society is fat phobic and discriminates people by their size. Through my thesis I’m redefining the concept of ‘fat’. This Word is not an insult, it’s just an adjective that means you have more tissues in your body. However, our society attaches too much hatred and discrimination to the word ‘fat’. We need to remove the stigma of this word and accept it just as it is.