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Dorotheen Quartier

CompanyBehnisch Architekten
Lead DesignersStefan Behnisch, Jörg Usinger, Theresa Keßler
Design TeamSelma Alihodžić, Laura Baldelli, Marina Bozukova, Jorge Carvajal, Jennifer Rechle, Reka Simo, Xenia Tiefensee, Nadine Waldmann
Project LocationMarktstraße 1-3, 70173 Stuttgart
ClientEKZ Grundstücksverwaltung GmbH & Co KG
CreditsPhoto Credit: David Matthiessen
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / New Commercial Building
Entry Description

The re-planning of the Dorotheen Quartier not only creates new areas for public use, it also offers an opportunity to reassess the relationship with the Karlsplatz. This thoroughfare has, until now, always been perceived as the less important “back” of the site. With this project, which includes three mixed-use buildings with offices, small-scale retail and urban living, the valuable central city core is now infused with a new identity and vitality – complete with a broad range of user activities. Thus, the new area augments Stuttgart’s existing, thriving network of lively pedestrian areas.