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Elemental Classic Series II

Lead DesignersFrancois Hurtaud
Prize(s)Gold in Accessory / Watches
Entry Description

Designing a watch with a stone as a dial comes with its problematics. Because it is a natural material, it comes with flaws. Learning how to deal with them on a production scale was a challenging part. What minimum thickness can we reach? How does it impact the movement? How to assemble to markers? How to assemble the stone with the least breakage rate on the assembly line? Every single question offered different paths to take and prototyping numerous iterations was the answer. Cutting stones in a way that reveals the inner, layered beauty requires high precision and meticulous skills.


Since his childhood, Hurtaud has always had the passion for art, science and technology; passions that he cultivated and improved through formal educations and apprenticeship in design. Having the chance of working in different countries, agencies and companies, exploring multitude aspects of designs, he now thinks of design as an equation, trying to find creative solutions to balance between functionality & aesthetics, sustainability & profitability, viability & legitimacy.

Other Awards and Prizes

European Product Design Award Gold Prize, The Mendel Project, 2018
A' Design Award Golden, Elemental Classic Series I, 2017.
A' Design Award Bronze, AirComfort, 2017.
German Design Award Mention Excellent, AirComfort, 2017.
IDA Design Award, Elemental Classic Series I, 2016.
Design For Asia Award, Air Comfort, 2016.
A' Design Award Silver, Hibu, 2016.
German Design Award, Qimini Cable, 2015.
Design For Asia Award, Qimini Cable, 2014.
Red Dot Design Award, Trois Petit Tours, 2014
German Design Award Nominee, Qimini Pocket, 2014.
Red Dot Design Award, Qimini Cable, 2014.
CES Design & Engineering Award, Qimini Pocket, 2014.
Good Design Award, Qimini Pocket, 2013.
Red Dot Design Award, Qimini Pocket, 2013.
Electrolux Design Lab Top 25 finalist, Ping Pong, 2011.
Electrolux Design Lab Top 25 finalist, Warm&Cool, 2011.
Shanghai design exhibition, Third prize, Huaihai Metro Station, 2011.
Favorite of the jury, Minimaousse competition, Yoodoo, 2009.