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CompanyUsual Studio
Lead DesignersLin Jingrui
Design TeamShen Jiajun,Wen Hsin,Wang Kunhui
Project LocationLishui,China
CreditsPhoto by : Tim Wu
Prize(s)Gold in Other Interior Designs / Other Interior designs, Silver in Interior Design / Conceptual
Entry Description

It belongs to a space design collected business office and reception hall. The owners hope to set the local history archway in the center of the space as a manifestation of corporate culture, while showing the respect of the owners on the traditional context as a modern technology company. The starting point of design is also around the history archway to extend design.The design of atrium space retains the essence of traditional Chinese space - Patio - Courtyard - Corridor space, which takes the tactics of bringing scene, framing views, reflecting scene, to shape the atrium space.