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ISIA Roma University Collateral guide

Lead DesignersTommaso Salvatori
Design TeamTommaso Salvatori, Guido Lombardo, Linda Marchetti, Antonello Lipori
ClientISIA Roma Design University
CreditsStrategist: Massimiliano Datti
Prize(s)Gold in Print / Collateral Material
Project LinkView
Entry Description

This book is created to present the project of the new visual identity of ISIA Roma Design. They tell the story of the whole project, starting from the original idea behind it, its embryonic stage, its formation. The volume is a visual storytelling of how -through metadesign- the formal, visual and compositional potentialities of the new brand take place. A trial that is rooted in metadesign that helps bring out the intrinsic potentialities of shapes and that shows the evolutionary processes of shapes and space. This trial helps define a new language of representation and aesthetic.