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YUE Wuyi Tea Life Esthetics Hotel

CompanyBeijing Wuxiang Space Architecture Design Studio
Lead DesignersYong WANG
Design TeamChenxu ZHU, Wei TAN, Guiying ZHANG
Project LocationNanping, Fujian, China
ClientYUEXI Hotels & Resorts Management Company
CreditsPhotography: Beijing Fujue Photo
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / Hotels & Resorts
Entry Description

As much as the hotel honors historical Chinese traditions and culture in Mount Wuyi, it keeps unbreakable focus on the experiential demands in today’s hospitality market, especially for ‘quieter’ retreats, offering a serene environment in which to fully experience tea culture and a viewfinder into local artisanship. The design intends to combine Chinese tea culture with Buddhism esthetics life theory reaching out of YUE (happiness) within comfort, relax and pleasant spaces. Indoors and out, there is an omnipresent attention to helping guests achieve contentedness in this oriental courtyard.