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UniversityThe Savannah College of Art and Design
Lead DesignersCiera Miller
Prize(s)Bronze in Apparel Category / Runway Collections
Entry Description

My collection is an analysis of how the government and the media holds control over what we think, do and say. We as a society tend to focus on what goes on in pop culture and on social media instead of focusing on real life problems at hand, such as police brutality, governmental cover-ups, and mass shootings. I want my collection to entail how we tend to give a majority of our attention to pop culture and a small percentage to issues that affect people and our country. How social media and people in power give false narratives to distract us from the issues that we need to address.


Ciera Lauren Miller aims to provoke through her designs connecting politics, film, music, history and the affects of social media. She strives to get people thinking through fashion as it is one of the loudest voices we have. What we wear portrays the kind of person we are and what we stand for.