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SEME-BIOSE : Beyond resilience

UniversityEcole Africaine des Métiers de l Architecture et de l Urbanisme (EAMAU)
Lead DesignersFranklin Hermann Sokning Yemeli
Design TeamMesmer Ndienang Dapabko
Project LocationRufisque and Bargny (Senegal)
Credits'Photo by Franklin Yemeli '
Prize(s)Silver in Architecture Categories / Landscape
Project LinkView
Entry Description

Faced with the many problems of Senegal's vulnerable coasts (erosion, floods, pollution...), we propose a protection approach that integrates coastal development. The approach is based on the observation of resilient areas and listening to the populations. The project site extends from Rufisque to Bargny and aims to build social, economic and ecological resilience. Strategies such as reefs, dunes and resilient parks aim to reduce wave action, prevent erosion, rebuild the coastline and promote the blue economy. In the short term, life whit sea ceases to be a fight and becomes a symbiosis!


Maktub is a young agency operating in architecture, design, landscape, education, research and development. Since 2017, we have been evolving around a multi-disciplinary exchange platform that has given birth to several concept projects: housing, schools, landscaping of small and large scale. We also promote the education and promotion of architecture through blogging.Our main goal is to create impact and to draw the general public's attention to sustainability and environmental issues in order to go beyond resilience and contribute to the well-being of current generations and future.

Other Awards and Prizes

- Award of the "African Coastaline" focus of the Jacques Rougerie International Architecture Competition 2018
- Second place on landscape design of global futur design Awards 2019
- Gold prize of Creative conscience 2019