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Shanghai Online City Co-life Center

CompanyUCGD 有乘
Lead DesignersFeng Cheng
Design TeamGuanyu Weng,Xiangzhe Jin,Yuanfeng Xu,Kai Chen,Qi Zhou
Project LocationShanghai
ClientShanghai Chengweixing Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
CreditsPhoto by Jianghe Zeng
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / Commercial Building
Project LinkView
Entry Description

This project has abandoned the excessive pursuit of elegant style of the traditional demonstration area,the expensive façade material,and the complicated and tortuous space,aiming to create a sustainable,functional,friendly and pleasant place. Upgrade from the traditional demonstration area,let the design return to the Essence of life,present a place with vitality and warm.This is the direction we are trying to explore.When the experience center returns to the community life,the old,the youth,the child enjoys the community life,it will prove the good life spirit kernel sincerity.