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CompanyInstabeat Inc
Lead DesignersSeth Murray
Design TeamHind Hobeika, Peter Clauter
Project LocationSan Francisco, Beirut, China
CreditsPhotos by Sahra Jarjamikhayat
Prize(s)Gold in Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Sports/Toys/Games
Project LinkView
Entry Description

Instabeat is the first and only goggle-mounted wearable coach that gives real-time heart rate feedback, automatic lap count and stroke detection for swimmers to bring out their best at each workout.
Olympic swimmers and Ironman triathletes using Instabeat have reported optimized effort, improved recovery, trackable progress and increased motivation.
Our design process started with a theoretical human factors ergonomics study, followed by experimental iterative prototyping, where for each iteration swimmers would go to the pool and swim to validate comfort and accuracy, totaling 250 swimmers.