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Redsun Zhenghong Villa

CompanyMeizhi Design
Lead DesignersMenghua Sheng
Design TeamKamiya Zhang
Project LocationZhuji, Zhejiang, China
Prize(s)Silver in Interior Design / Home Decor
Entry Description

The project is located in the hometown of Xi Shi, who is a well-known beauty in Chinese ancient history. Based on this context, the design starts from a female perspective and features oriental esthetics.

Inspired by the red dowry in traditional Chinese wedding, the space mainly adopts the colors of plain white silk and deep red. Dotted with a bit of other colors as vermilion, dark reddish purple, coccinellin and cyan, it forms a strong visual contrast. Grey marble and large area of dark walnut veneer are well matched with the bold use of color.


Based in Hangzhou, China, Meizhi Design is a local practice on overall home deco solutions, creating world-leading design concepts. With over a decade of experience on interior design, the team has many classic cases in the design fields of international hotels, clubs, high-end real estate showrooms, real estate sales center and high-end private houses.