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Origin villa

CompanyKooo Architects
Lead DesignersShinya Kojima, Ayaka Kojima
Design TeamShinya Kojima, Ayaka Kojima, Kotaro Kitakami, Yan Zhao, Zhide Hu
Project LocationDashan Village, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
ClientHangzhou Origin Villa Hotel & Resort, co.
CreditsPhoto by: Keishin Horikoshi / SS
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / Hotels & Resorts
Entry Description

The Origin Villa was commissioned to dismantle six buildings in a rural “empty nest” village in Tonglu, and to rebuild as a new retreat village.

We used different local materials, such as bamboo, red bricks, stone, and carbonized wood, to highlight each building’s unique site situation, also expressed in each one with a space of rest in nature (living room) and a more private space enclosed with rammed earth walls (bedroom). The coexistence of these two types of space is our solution to the two conflicting conditions.