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Bloom Chair

UniversityNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Lead DesignersHsuan Ting Huang
Design TeamHsuan Ting Huang and Tsung Ying Hsieh
Project LocationTaipei, Taiwan
CreditsPhoto by Tsung Ying Hsieh and Hsuan Ting Huang
Prize(s)Silver in Home Interior Products / Interior Furniture
Project LinkView
Entry Description

Bloom Chair aims to redefine the realm between mass production and customization. Simply download the modular design of a piece of furniture, cut it by your own and assemble it. In the process users allow not only to use, but also to distribute, modify and study the modular units, promoting a collaborative model of leather production. Instead of making and distributing mass production, the process invites users to learn manufacturing process of furniture and experience with their own hands. Bloom Chair embodies such a full bloom concept and proposes a new kind of status for scrap leather.