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CompanyChs Interior Design
Lead DesignersCheng Yu Hsieh
Design TeamChang Hui Ju , Liao Kuan Jui , Lin Yi Ting
Project LocationHangzhou
Prize(s)Silver in Architecture Categories / Retails, Shops, Department stores, Mall
Entry Description

OWSPACE is a well-known bookshop in Hangzhou which integrates the mall into art space with composite concept design. It is built with a large glass curtain to draws abundant outdoor light into space, also brings the riverside view inside. The wooden grille above the exterior building is extended with the concept of “books”, which is like ancient bamboo slips, echoing the humanistic atmosphere. The original appearance of wood grain and the metal material is interspersed in the cool-color visual background, creating contrast and collision to create a moderately comfortable and relaxed feeling.


Taking the humanistic spirit as the foundation is the design philosophy that CHS-Interior has always adhered to. In order to follow the law of nature, natural materials are used from concept to implementation, the indoor and outdoor space field built conveys culture and art through the field spirit, enhances the aesthetics and taste of life, and shares an aesthetic life.