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HDR Global Headquarters Environmental Graphics

Lead DesignersMatthew Delaney
Design TeamMatthew Delaney, Lauren Van Winkle, Nick Zuniga, Paula Brammier, Steve LaHood
ClientNoddle Company
CreditsPhotography: Dan Schwalm
Prize(s)Silver in Print / Wayfinding & Environmental Graphics
Entry Description

Environmental graphics in HDR’s Global Headquarters play off the building’s modern design aesthetic. By elevating simple materials, designers created a succinct visual experience. Elements include an artistic installation off of each elevator bay where routed acrylic panels of sophisticated iconography represent the markets HDR serves, while the design of the aluminum floor number mimics the visual language of the HDR logo. Everything from the flag mounted café signage to the custom graphics that advance Fitwel certification respects the white-on-white cleanliness of the iconography.