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The Mars Collection

CompanySpekter Technologies OÜ
Lead DesignersRoxana Spekter
Design TeamRoxana Spekter
CreditsPhoto by Aivo Kallaste
Prize(s)Bronze in Apparel Category / Apparel Projects
Project LinkView
Entry Description

Mars collection reflects our ambition to become the first interplanetary apparel brand – when the first colonists land on Mars in 2035, they will be equipped with Spekter clothes.

Mars collection encompasses futuristic style and classic cuts. The collection uses smart materials – membrane waterproof breathable fabrics.

These are the technologically engineered solutions present in our clothes: magnetic fastening mechanism; a virtual assistant based on artificial intelligence; convertible parts; retractable sleeve-cuff with magnetic position stabilizers; fluorescent and reflective elements.


At Spekter Technologies, we set ambitious goals. Mankind needs a paradigm shift in attitude towards itself and the environment. The fast fashion industry is winding down – it's time for slow fashion. Spekter Technologies creates clothing for the future, clothing that combines high-tech components, practicality and style. We want to be the catalysts in light industry automation to help people break away from the assembly line. We pay special attention to engineering education for women – future creators to change our world.