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Slanting Line House

CompanyIYs - Inoue Yoshimura Studio Inc.
Lead DesignersMakoto Inoue + Akira Yoshimura
Design TeamTomonori Kawata (Structural Engineer)
Project LocationYokohama city , Japan
CreditsSeiji Watanabe
Prize(s)Silver in Architecture Categories / Low cost housing
Project LinkView
Entry Description

Small house for couples and children. We proposed a new way of living with slanted lines taking advantage of adverse conditions such as slanted line restrictions and narrow deformation sites. In the plan, the plane of the building was divided into diagonal lines and the floor was shifted up and down. Each function is not divided into rooms, and most of the space is a single room with no division, but it is gently segmented by the difference in floor height and the size of the space. Non-orthogonal, sloping line overlaps small, wide, high, low, and diverse spatial variations.