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CompanyBonna Premium Porcelain
Lead DesignersÖzkan Koral
Project LocationBonna Premium Porcelain
ClientErbil Aşkan
CreditsErbil Aşkan
Prize(s)Silver in Home Interior Products / Kitchen Accessories/Tabletop
Entry Description

Meet Vago, Bona's most different family. Leave the ideas of traditional round or square dining sets behind and embrace the modern and elegant look of the Organic Dining Table! Here in Bonna. The aim of Vago forms is to design different designs with the same design philosophy. We offer free-form, yet stacked, unique shaped plates.
There are total of ten forms of Vago series design family. (10cm bowl, 15cm flat plate, 15cm oval plate, 18cm bowl, 19cm flat plate, 24cm flat plate, 26cm deep plate, 29cm flat plate, 33cm flat plate, 36cm rectangular plate)