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Eystur Town Hall

CompanyHenning Larsen Architects
Lead DesignersOsbjorn Jakobsen
Project Location Norðragøta, The Faroe Islands
CreditsContractor: KBH; Photos: Nic Lehoux
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / Institutional
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Entry Description

Up until 2009, Leirvík and Gøta were individual municipalities in the Faroe Islands separated by a streaming river. Today, they are united under the municipality of Eystur, with the river Eiðisá running right down the middle.

The municipality’s new town hall bridges the two parts with a building design that – quite literally - doubles as a bridge over the water.

Besides bringing a new benefit to the city’s inhabitants with a shortcut, we designed the building this way to elaborate and further develop a traditional Faroese building custom with a design tucked in under the grass.