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Sense of Proportion, Lvyou Road Jinmao Palace

CompanyExclaim United Corp.
Lead DesignersJoy Chou
Prize(s)Silver in Interior Design / Residential
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Entry Description

Augustine once said: “All beauty is a matter of proper proportions and pleasant color.”

This work copies the perception for space and life, and nostalgia thorough movement, proportion and vision. These elements form the characteristics of “family,” providing more profound sensation and memories to people. Such division of perfect proportion creates the design concept gathering aesthetics, art and multiple context in “space is the visual result.”


Exclaim United Corp. always maintains our concept of "life, nature, and eco-friendly art" and demonstrates our concept in diverse styles for each different interior design project. We start from the perspective of the house owner, select the proper materials, catch the attitudes of life, and perfectly present the real atmosphere of space. The reflection between light and shadow, the whispers between layers, and the cyclical planning of entire design will make time be the best representative of space, deeply embodying the co-existing aesthetics of art, life, and nature.