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Lighting Reconstruction Design of No.29 Bund

CompanyTongji Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd
Lead DesignersXiu Yang
Design Team Xingru Chen, Chen Bian, Xueting Ge, Jiajun Wang, Yue Ma, Xiaqing Xu, Xinghua Gu, Wenjing Ge, Yiting Du, Xiaoxiao Wang, Wenjing Cai, Shiyu Wei
Project LocationShanghai, China
ClientShanghai Huangpu District Light and Landscape Management Office
CreditsPhoto by: Xiu Yang
Prize(s)Silver in Architecture Categories / Architectural Lighting
Entry Description

The lighting concept of the Bund No. 29 is how to express the French Classicism style and avoid the damage to historical building. Firstly, lots of details were measured, including the reflectivity of the wall, current luminance and the contrast, the size of building moldings, etc. Secondly, Light-mixing technology combining amber LED with 3000K LED successfully reproduces the golden color of sodium lamp by lots of calculation and site experiments. The tunable luminaires were customized, which could satisfy the various needs by smart lighting control system.