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International Maternity Hospital Lighting Design

CompanyPudi Design Limited
Lead DesignersXiaoyan Liang, Yang Liu, Yanling Wang,
Design TeamXiaoyan Liang, Yang Liu, Yanling Wang, Mei Huang, Zexun Sun, Yirui Tang
Project LocationXian, Shaanxi, China
ClientNew Chang’an International Maternity Hospital
Prize(s)Silver in Interior Design / Interior Lighting
Entry Description

The project takes a five-star hotel’s services as the standard.
The elevator at the atrium is enclosed by the glowing glass wall. And linear ceiling lights are arranged in an orderly manner in the corridor, rendering the space extended and magnificent.
1F Leisure area, in this quiet and elegant area, the decorative perforated ceiling, combined with linear lights, lightens the space to have a clear layout. Corridor & lounge on the clinic floor, soft linear lights form a winding line, extending throughout the corridor ceiling, which resembles the elegant curve of female body.